Case Study

LNK International

LNK International Makes Over 100 Medicines For Pain, Stomach & Cold Relief. But When They Needed Help Expanding On Long Island, They Turned To Us For The Perfect Remedy.

Our national retail clients have very demanding delivery schedules To keep our distribution facility on Long Island, we needed economic help. The Suffolk IDA put together a financial package that looked at all our Long Island-based facilities as a campus, enhancing the benefits. That was key for us. The Suffolk IDA is getting things done.

Joseph Mollica II,
Executive Vice President LNK International

Let's suppose you find yourself on vacation in California when you come down with a terrible cold. You know what to do; you head for the nearest pharmacy and grab some medicine. What you may not know, however, is that there is a good chance that the over the counter store brand you purchased in San Francisco was most likely manufactured on Long Island.

LNK International is one of the nation's largest private label manufacturers of cough, cold and pain relief products. If you've never heard of them, that's fine with Executive Vice President Joseph Mollica II. In fact, he'd rather you remember the quality medicines he makes for his clients; America's largest drugstore chains, warehouses and national retailers.

That's quite a leap from the tiny business Joe's dad opened in Hauppauge back in 1980. LNK started with 1,800 square feet, four employees and mom, up front, answering the phones. Joseph Sr. saw that industry on Long Island was changing. The aerospace sector, where he'd spent most of his career, was downsizing while pharmaceuticals were on the rise. So he took his knowledge of manufacturing and adapted it from space capsules to gel capsules.

Thirty three years later, LNK boasts nearly 1600 employees and three-quarters of a million square feet of laboratory and manufacturing space dedicated to everything from tablet compression and coating to encapsulation and packaging. The key question became whether the company could afford to keep its distribution operations on Long Island. That's when the Suffolk IDA stepped in.

The Suffolk IDA's mission is to make it easy for businesses to succeed in Suffolk County. Our first step was to sit down with LNK executives and discuss their problems. The company wanted to build new distribution facilities, but the location on the tip of the east coast made such a decision difficult. Several of LNK's competitors already had distribution operations located in the center of the country, dramatically reducing the cost of shipping.

The Suffolk IDA put together a package of financial incentives designed to offset those costs. Foremost among these were a reduction in property taxes and mortgage tax exemptions. The biggest benefit, however, was taking a campus approach to LNK's sizeable operations. By viewing the company's multiple facilities as a single campus, the tax benefits were dramatically enhanced.

Today, LNK is shipping its quality products all over America from the company's new distribution facility in Hauppauge. According to Joseph Mollica, no one can come close to Long Island's educated workforce, network of colleges and quality of life. And with the assistance of the SuffolkIDA, the playing field was leveled in terms of the company's distribution operational costs.

The Suffolk IDA can find a powerful remedy for your business too. Whether you're based in Suffolk or thinking about moving your operations here, make the Suffolk IDA your first call. We'll bring together all the key players, discuss tax and other economic incentives, network you with workforce training and recruitment resources and be a partner to you, every step of the way.

How Suffolk IDA Helped LNK International

  • Campus Approach to Facilities
  • Property Tax Reductions
  • Mortgage Tax Exemptions
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Approval in 30 Days
  • Assistance with Other Agencies