About Us

The mission of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote economic development in the county by helping businesses expand and grow, increase employment opportunities and add to the quality of life for the residents of Suffolk County. The Suffolk IDA is the lead agency attracting new investment in Suffolk County and driving the region’s innovation economy and job expansion. Carrying out the work of the Suffolk County IDA is a team of experienced, highly skilled economic development professionals. They focus on attracting new business, supporting the expansion of existing industry, and mobilizing local and regional assets supporting regional long-term growth and economic development.

IDA Board Members

Natalie Wright, Chair; Kevin Harvey, Vice Chair; Sondra CochranTreasurer; Tony GiordanoSecretary; Gregory T. Casamento; Joshua Slaughter; Brian Beedenbender 

The Team

Anthony J. Catapano

Executive Director

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Kelly Murphy

Deputy Executive Director

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